GroupBoss Review: Capturing Leads from Facebook Groups made easy

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Generating leads through Facebook Groups seems cool, Right?

I also thought of this when I started my own Facebook group. I believe Facebook Groups are a powerful way to connect with your audience and prospects, supporting them, growing your brand awareness, and much more.

I kept my Facebook group private. While joining, I also asked people’s emails so That I can do email marketing.

This thing worked for me. I generated over a couple of hundreds of leads and converted those leads into sales as well. The hardest thing about this process is that I need to manually copy the lead email and name to set them into my autoresponder. 

This process was really time-consuming. I was spending most of the time while doing this process. Then, I started doing research on the same, which tool can help me to find the best to automate this. I saw Zapier,, Pabbly Connect, etc., but no tools are having this kind of functionality.

Finally, one day I found GroupBoss. It helps to automate the same thing that I discussed earlier. In this article, I’ll be reviewing the various features of GroupBoss.

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What is GroupBoss?

GroupBoss is a useful automation tool in the market for Facebook Groups. It extracts data from the questions of your Facebook Group to collect emails of your leads.

It is a chrome extension. It captures the three questions that members answer while joining the group and sends it to your email marketing tool (e.g., Mailchimp, Aweber, Mailerlite, etc.) or saves it on a Google Spreadsheet.

Group Boss can literally help you to get Raining Sales with the help of automated email marketing on your collected leads.

Features of GrouBoss

GroupBoss is a tool to help you grow your Facebook Groups and accelerate your sales. Let’s see some of the noteworthy features of GroupBoss:

Clean and intuitive dashboard - GroupBoss automatically collects all the data regarding group membership requests and stores it in its dashboard. It has a Chrome extension to manage its extension.

Quick and easy set-up - GroupBoss set up is a 60 seconds deal. Once you log in, you can view all your Group members’ data and history in a single place. Click to download the data and use it as you want.

Autoresponder integration - To design and develop an online business, two elements are mandatory- auto-responder and integration. With GroupBoss, you can swiftly integrate your email marketing auto-responder like ConvertKit, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, and many more in no time.

Custom Target Audience - It always pays to customize your audience. GroupBoss allows you to create an audience from group members’ data like name and email ids. Use it as a custom audience for Facebook advertising and create a lookalike audience on Facebook. We all know how powerful is Facebook’s custom and lookalike audience for generating leads.

Integrations Inside GroupBoss

Integrations are something that can make you win or lose the game. GroupBoss is having most of the popular autoresponders are available. Such As:

  • Active Champaign
  • Aweber
  • Convertkit
  • Get Response 
  • SendFox
  • Lemlist
  • MailerLite
  • etc. and more following soon.

Add to that, It also allows you to import your user’s answer inside the google sheet. But, I’ve faced ConvertKit integration with this tool. That makes one negative point in my mind for this tool. But,
By using other tools, I captured over 150 leads from different FB Groups.

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How To Automate Lead Generation With GroupBoss?

  1. Add the GroupBoss Chrome Extension to Your Browser.
  2. Click on the GroupBoss Icon From Your Browser Menu.
  3. Select the Facebook Group From The List.
  4. Link a Google Spreadsheet, if you want to capture in Google sheet. (Optional)
  5. You Can Connect Your Email Marketing Platform you use. (Optional)
  6. While Approving Members Request to Join, Select “Approve by GroupBoss” or “Approve all by GroupBoss.”
  7. Done.

Here is a complete walkthrough on how to to use GroupBoss.

Support System

Their support team is pretty amazing. I've seen a quick response to my queries. They are also having a Facebook group for support. But, According to one of GroupBoss official "Omar",

"Groupboss is always concerned about rendering the best service to the customers. Its users are highly satisfied with the support system. There is chat support on the website, which is supported by Crisp, there is a Facebook Page, which remains always active. There is a Facebook group and the link of the group is also available at the top right corner of our website. And we also conduct calls and meetings with our customers through ZOOM/SKYPE. Groupboss team maintains all these things to provide the best support to the customers."

Omar Nasif

GroupBoss Pricing

If you plan to use GroupBoss with your Facebook group and want to collect unlimited leads, you would definitely want to know the pricing options offered.

Things are pretty simple with GroupBoss. There are two plans- Yearly Popular (Influencer), starting at $99, and the Mega Plan Lifetime starts at $299. While you get 7 days of free trial and can add upto 5 Facebook groups in the Yearly plan, the Mega plan allows you to add unlimited Facebook groups.

The plans come with a 14 days refund guarantee policy. If you are dissatisfied with the GroupBoss app in the 14 days of purchase, you will get the full amount refund.

GroupBoss Pricing
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GroupBoss Group Management Service

GroupBoss also has a Group Management service, where they’ll manage your Facebook group. Honestly, I never used their group management service. But, If you want to give a try, check them out.

What I feel is, they are charging a premium price for their service. If your revenue model is to make money using FB Groups, you can go for it.

Pros and Cons of GroupBoss


  • No more copy-paste required. 
  • Very easy to set up & run.
  • Save the data in the GroupBoss dashboard in the filterable & search table.
  • Save the data to your Google Spreadsheets.
  • Unlimited Facebook groups and autoresponders.
  • See lead statistics and reports of your group members.
  • Automatically send the collected emails to your preferred email marketing solutions.
  • Support over the phone, training & access to an exclusive community.


  • Since it’s a Chrome extension, it will not work on other browsers except Google Chrome.
  • It will not work on the Facebook mobile app.

End Game of GroupBoss

GroupBoss is a really great tool for capturing leads from Facebook group. This tool have passed out all of my tests. But, I’ve faced ConvertKit integration problems in this tool. Just opposite to that, one of my friends is also using ConvertKit and he didn’t face any issue.

From my experience, I’ll not recommend ConvertKit users to go for it, but you can try at your own risk.

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