WPX Hosting Review: Managed And Superfast Yet Affordable – No.1?

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WPX Hosting is a leading web hosting provider delivering excellent services since 2013. It is renowned for its affordability and astonishing speed. The 24/7 friendly support team is first-class in providing resolutions. 

No matter if you are a blogger or have a small-medium size business or run an eCommerce company, your website will benefit massively from fast loading speed. This makes all the difference—the difference between typing credit card details and discard a shopping cart. The business gets more visibility, footfall and that’s excellent news for all sizes of selling.

With WPX Hosting, this is a reality. You do not have to wait for l-o-n-g for a page to load, piling to your frustration. WPX fastest Managed Hosting is a first-class feature.

WPX Hosting Review: Managed And Superfast Yet Affordable


Speed, and


Overall rating : 4.9 / 5

We will begin with WPX Hosting Review by digging into the features, plans, pricing options, and benefits, to name a few. Before we look at the features, let’s have a quick overview of WPX Hosting.

Quick Overview Of WPX Hosting

Before WPX Hosting, it was called Traffic Planet Hosting. Australian entrepreneur Terry Kyle, the CEO, and co-founder of WPX Hosting, had witnessed bad hosting troubles. He wanted to build a long-lasting solution to the frustrating experiences he went through since 1998. And it shows in his company, founded in 2013. The company finds its pride of place in the USA and the UK. The website is available in the English language.

WPX Hosting is a managed WordPress host. For the uninitiated, it means you can only use it for WordPress websites. Therefore, the hosting environment is exclusively optimized for WordPress because that's what they only host. 

Besides, you will receive extra concierge features to make your work easier. WPX will take care of the administrative tasks like installing WordPress, WordPress core updates, daily automatic backups, and server-level caching. It is the managed part of WPX fastest managed hosting. In short, WPX Hosting offers excellent value for money for WordPress users. If you are looking to house multiple websites without compromising the performance and reliability, WPX Hosting is the one for you.

Isn't it an incredible offer? 

Slow loading times, dropped rankings and making customers frustrated while waiting for the page to load is a recipe for a failed business. WPX's fastest managed hosting will boost your rankings- irrespective of the fact that you are a small, medium, or massive size business. You would observe the same performance with images of laden websites, sites experiencing soaring traffic, and heavy plugin webpages.

WPX is also a recommended name for user-friendliness and wallet-friendly. Unlimited website migrations, free SSL certificates, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 99.95% Uptime guarantee are some of the highlights. The flash speed is the cherry on the cake for WPX hosting. The aggressive caching for optimized server and WordPress hosting makes them a legitimate fast web hosting provider.

To know more about the buffet of features, keep on reading the full WPX Hosting review.

Features and Benefits OF WPX Hosting

Before you decide on a hosting provider, it is essential to know if the web hosting services will fit your bill and go with your plan. Additionally, explore the vendor well, read on them and their reviews. Check whether the web-hosting provider will give you what it claims.

So, we thought of saving you from much confusion, doubts, and overwhelming content floating on the internet. To decide better, we have streamlined the review so that it becomes easy for you to follow through.

To begin with, let’s give a pause to rambling and look at the beneficial features WPX Hosting has to offer in the upcoming segment.

1. Blazing Load speed for websites -

Of all the features, we are starting with the best one. As a website owner, you want your site to be readily accessible, especially if you are running an online business. It is fast for two reasons.

Firstly, it has a WPX Cloud. WPX cloud is a custom-built CDN (Content Delivery Network), which acts as a mini-server. It can monitor and tweak the cloud for the best performance.

Secondly, there is no crowding on their web servers. WPX doesn’t believe in extracting truck-loads of money to provide super-fast performance to its customers.

2. Managed WordPress hosting -

You get automatic daily backups with 28 days of storage. It is way more than what many other WordPress hosts offer. If you want, you can run manual backups too.

3. One-click staging tool - 

It is a conveniently managed WordPress benefit. The tool allows you safely test changes in a Sandbox without impacting the Production site.

4. Email hosting - 

As part of your subscription, email hosting is offered. It is convenient for many users as most managed WordPress hosting does not provide email hosting.

5. Free Website Migration -

WPX hosting offers a free website migration service. The team helps you migrate your website in 24 hours and host it in your new WPX hosting account.

6. Easy Dashboard -

It is a straightforward and clean account dashboard. You can view your account details, check the status of support tickets, manage your email and websites. The dashboard also shows your disk space and bandwidth usage.

7. Free SSL-

You cannot imagine procuring services from a web-hosting provider without SSL Certificates. It is a must-have for ensuring security. WPX Hosting an edge as they created an automated software that automatically installs free SSL Certificates to your websites. The process takes less than a minute.

8. Expert Technical Support -

The customer support team is available 24/7/365 on live chat and helpdesk ticketing. The support team is responsive (under 40 seconds), knowledgeable, and handles objections correctly. Should you have any questions or issues, check out their online knowledge base.

9. FTP/SFTP Access -

Even though the WPX Hosting client installs a WordPress dashboard, you can also access your server space through FTP and SFTP. Hence, you can securely upload theme and plugin files like FileZilla. Even more, you can easily use FTP to either upload or download other docs/files to your server space.


One of the prime reasons to go for WPX Hosting is its lighting speed of loading your websites. It uses advanced technical features like SSD storage and WPX cloud (inbuilt Content Delivery Network) to attain such fastness.  

A web hosting provider may have many exciting features. But if speed and performance are an issue, then the rest of the features are practically useless. WPX, as a company, was quick to realize this fact. Since then, it is striving to provide a world-class user experience to its customers.

In online business, security is critical. So when you have a host that provides automated daily backups and secures it safe for 28 days in its server, then why not check them out? By doing this, WPX hosting rescues its users’ data in times of unexpected cyber-attack or crash down. You don’t have to purchase any extra and install any other security plugins. The WPX Malware Team also removes any malicious files the moment it is detected.  

WPX Hosting is starting plans ranges offers plans from $24.99 to $99 depending upon the hosting plan you choose. There are three plans to choose from- Business, Professional, and Elite (monthly and yearly). A professional plan is the most popular package giving the best value. Compared to other managed WordPress hosts, WPX Hosting is an economical option around.

All plans include custom CDN 26 Global Edge Locations, unlimited site migrations, SSL certificates, 30 Second Average Live Chat Response Time 24/7/365, Staging area, Manual Backups, DDoS protection, 28-day automatic backups, 99.95% Uptime guarantee, PHP7.X, HTTPS/2, 30 Day Money Back, 1-click WordPress installations and USA+UK+Australia hosting locations.

WPX Hosting Plans

WPX Hosting keeps things simple, and that’s reflected in their hosting plans. You have three plans in the web hosting packages. The difference among these plans on the number of websites you can host on your account, access to storage, and the bandwidth available to use. 

Following detailed information will give you more insight into each plan:

1. Business Plan - Ideal for Blogs and small websites, the Business Plan starts at $24.99 mo. You can host five websites in this starting plan. Also, there is 10GB of storage space to store all your data. The Business Plan is an excellent entry-level, with decent specifications like multi-website hosting and moderate disk-space. The bandwidth can comfortably house a high level of online traffic.

2. Professional Plan – WPX Hosting recommends the Professional Plan among the three. It is a popular choice among website users and starts at $49.99 mo. If you see around, this rate is cheaper than other web hosting providers. You can access 15 websites and enjoy the storage space of 50GB. The pan gives you 100 GB of bandwidth to enable super-speed. WordPress access is easier via a dedicated RAM installed as part of the package.

3. Elite Plan – Sounds heavy? Well, Elite Package is custom made for high-end professionals and eCommerce giants whose business thrives on whopping sales. The plan starts at $99 mo. With access to up to 35 websites, 50 GB of storage space, and unlimited bandwidth, the Elite Plan is the perfect mix of value for money. For all working professionals, this plan works best.

The pricing for the same plans gets different when you opt for a yearly subscription:

WPX Hosting Pricing



  • Reliable and fast 99.95% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited site migration and WPX Cloud integration
  • Custom CDN for excellent performance
  • Unlimited free SSL certificates and malware protection
  • Easy to use account Dashboard
  • Responsive and round the clock customer support team
  • You will support dogs (project- Every Dog Matters)


  • Lack of cPanel
  • No phone support
  • Not available for non-WordPress, websites, and blogs
  • Storage could be an issue
  • Slow WP Admin Dashboard


Buying web hosting services is not like casual grocery shopping. You have to weigh its pros and cons, features, pricing range, and a whole list of features.

Whether you are using A2 Hosting, GreenGeeks, Bluehost, or anything, check out this comparison below. Look at the alternatives and choose your best hosting network wisely.

Best Alternatives To WPX Hosting

1. WPX Hosting vs Greengeeks

GreenGeeks Logo

GreenGeeks and WPX have excellent features. But there are some significant differences. GreenGeeks suddenly suspends websites using more processors. WPX Hosting doesn’t work so abruptly and deals with precision.

In scenarios on speed, Greengeeks doesn’t top WPX. You may also find it useful to know that WPX Hosting doesn’t charge for website migrations. But expect some glitch in GreenGeeks.

2. WPX Hosting vs A2 Hosting Turbo


 A2 Hosting offers some great reliable hosting solutions. But they fail to meet WPX Hosting's uptime quality and standard. 

The money-back policy in WPX Hosting is hassle-free, and you won't budge away from trying and testing their products. Many users have faced difficulties in getting back the refund amount from A2 Hosting Turbo. 

The Knowledgebase section in A2 Hosting isn't quite impressive while comparing with WPX.

3. WPX vs Bluehost

Bluehost Logo

Both are affordable and reliable in the field of web hosting services. WPX hosting offers only managed WordPress hosting services. On the other hand, Bluehost offers different types of hosting services like- shared, WordPress, dedicate, VPS, etc.

Bluehost is ideal for low traffic websites. WPX hosting has an edge here as it supports higher traffic websites. Your websites are also migrated for free by WPX, but Bluehost doesn’t migrate all websites free for you.

4. WPX Hosting vs Cloudways

Cloudways logo

While WPX gives you a 99.95% Uptime guarantee, Cloudways guarantees 100% uptime. Even though both are renowned for support service through live chat and tickets, WPX knowledgeable team is fast to connect. In Cloudways, you have to interact with a chatbot first, before any real human intervention.

You need technical hosting knowledge to set up Cloudways. WPX Hosting is a spoon-feeding momma for you.

5. WPX Hosting vs WP Engine

WPengine Logo

Both WPX hosting and WP Engine are trusted brands in managed WordPress hosting. If you check the features and the pricing options offered, WPX hosting earns more brownie points and wins the race against WP Engine.

The hosting plans of WP Engine are overall expensive than WPX Hosting plans.


WPX Hosting is hosting humans and dogs since 2013. Not only are they one of the most affordable managed WordPress hosts, but they also provide an excellent feature set from automated backups to a free CDN and exemplary support that resolves your problems quickly. Your answer for reliability and dependency is WPX Hosting services.

On the personal front, I am super happy with their services. I have found WPX managed shared hosting blazing fast. I recommend it for its fast customer support and excellent uptime. The wonderful thing is that they have their CDN, making the website loading even faster than many hosting alternatives. So don’t waste your time and money on underpowered hosting providers.

Our WPX Hosting Review is a detailed guide with tested information. It doesn’t mean you need to go with WPX Hosting services blindly. But we recommend them as we believe they have the potential to foster a happy online journey.

 FAQS: Frequently Asked Questions on GreenGeeks

1. How much does WPX Hosting cost?

WPX Hosting offers plans from $24.99 to $99. The price depends on the hosting plan you choose. You can check out the updated pricing at https://wpx.net/cart/ .

2. Which WPX Hosting plan is best for me? 

We suggest starting with a cheaper plan. You can always upgrade later on. WPX Hosting can help you with the migration to a more expensive plan. If your needs vary, you can consult with a hosting technical expert from WPX Hosting.

3. Is WPX Hosting customer support good?

WPX Hosting is a small hosting provider. But that shouldn’t deter you from checking out their services. The advantage of a small hosting company is that you are more important to them as a customer. The customer support team attends to customers with friendly, responsive, and polite behavior.

4. Does WPX provide free SSL Certificates?

Yes. You can install free SSL certificates on all your WPX hosted sites.

5. Does WPX provide email?

Yes. You will get a free webmail account with all your WPX hosted sites.

6. Is Site Migration to WPX Hosting is free?

Yes. Website migration to WPX is free, provided you comply with the site migration policy. Website migration is typically completed within 24 hours.

7. Is there a cPanel in WPX Hosting?

WPX uses its own intuitive custom-build convenient dashboard. It functions the same as cPanel.

8. What if my website is not faster with WPX?

95%of websites experience a notable speed increase after migrating to WPX. If you are not satisfied, WPX offers a free website review and optimization performed by their experts.

9. Can I buy domains?

You can buy domain/s before, after, or during your hosting purchase.

10. Why do I see dogs on the website?

WPX is a pet-friendly company and works to improve 350+ homeless dogs’ conditions under their project- Every Dog Matters. By selecting WPX, you directly contribute to the animal welfare charity.

11. Will WPX work for me if I am not from US, UK or Australia?

It is not an issue if you are not, as WPX super-fast servers close the lag between significant distances.

P.S: Do you use WPX? Have you used it before? Please leave a comment about what you liked most or what didn’t go well with your requirements. We welcome all thoughts and experiences to help our users and visitors. Please submit your review in the comment box and fill in the details.

We look forward to hearing from our readers. Thank you all for your support.

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