How to Increase Organic Traffic (193%) and Drive more sales

Traffic is the soul of a Website and the best kind of traffic is organic traffic.

Without traffic, your website will not serve any purpose. If you have started your blog and want substantial growth in your affiliate marketing business, you must aim to increase organic traffic. But, amid this cut-throat competitive market, it has become very tough to stand out and bring the audience to your doorstep.

Now, what should you do?

I’m sure you are here to get this answer too. It means you are looking for How to Increase Organic Traffic on your Website to drive your business and grow.

And, as you make money with affiliate marketing, you don’t just need traffic but traffic, which engages your content and buys the products you promote if you do affiliate marketing.

How to increase Organic Traffic and Drive more sales
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In this post, I would like to throw light upon those strategies that I have learned over time. Even though I learned all this through trial and error, you can instantly save precious time by applying these tactics. You can implement these strategies to increase organic site traffic, which is relevant and converts as well!

More, these strategies are entirely different from all those tricks and so-called secrets that are shared online. If you see clearly, all those sexy-looking and shiny strategies are just short terms. Under those shiny bubbles, some grounded, base strategies work every time.

My goal is to reveal those true tactics. However, the result of these tactics might take some time to reflect. These strategies serve best as a long-term solution for improving your SEO and visibility. It also depends on the SEO updates made by search engines like Google and Bing.

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links, which means if you click and go through my product links, I’ll receive a small commission for my efforts with no additional cost incurred to you. It’s a win-win 😊

7 Core Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic to your Website

Most marketers make this common mistake when they start their marketing journey – not focusing on the core strategies. By focusing on the exact strategies, I have increased my traffic and conversion by up to 193%.

User Optimized Content not only Search Engine

Everyone is focused on Keyword research and Search Engine Optimization. And definitely, it is a necessary process for every website. But does it stop there?

The answer is No.

Your content must also be optimized for a better user experience. And one way to achieve this is by having optimized content that is engaging enough.

It is also essential to use relevant pictures in your blog posts and pages; otherwise, your entire content will look dull and monotonous. Always use royalty-free images from websites like Pixabay. If using other pictures, always give credit to the source of the picture.

If you can, I also recommend using infographics to increase the user’s engagement and grab their attention. You can use a free tool ‘Canva‘ to create awesome infographics.

When users have a great experience, they are likely to spend more time on your website thanks to your optimized content. Moreover, they also share it with others by mouth publicity.

Google Search will also give your site a better ranking if visitors love it. When visitors engage with your content and stay for a longer duration, Google also notices that. It helps Google to understand and show your website for those terms. It’ll definitely increase organic visitors and reach.

You must sync your website with Google Search Console and link Google Analytics so that Google can track every data related to visitors and churn useful statistics for you. Depending on the analysis of these statistics, you can further optimize your website and content.

One tip for you: To better connect with your readers, you can share your personal story and experience related to that topic. It is also a great way to enhance the user experience, especially if your user can imagine the story.

Blog regularly

Keep Blogging regularly.

Not blogging on a regular was the Biggest Mistake I made. Initially, I was not posting daily on my website. Neither did I have a schedule for blog posting. I would post at any time, any day of the month, as per my availability. The result did not appear on any organic search.

Seeing this pattern of mine, my friend asked me to post blogs regularly for better visibility. I started maintaining a schedule of posting and posting engaging blogs at regular intervals. My posts became more and more frequent. And guess what? Very soon, I noticed a massive spike in the daily traffic on my website.

Why does this happen, you ask?

It’s simple. Whenever you update or create a post on your website, Google gets a ping. This is an indication for Google that your website is getting updated. Google keeps sending crawlers to crawl all your posts & pages to your site.

If these pings happen regularly, Google registers you as an updated website and grants you a better ranking in search results.

Warning: Do not update or post daily just to send pings. It can also cause a reverse effect on your site.

Get Vocal on Social

Do not undermine social media as I did. I did not realize the importance of sharing my blogs, updates, and products on social media until much later.

It is very much essential to promote your content on social media platforms. Social media has a worldwide reach and serves as an essential factor in Off-Page SEO. It helps us reach more potential audiences, and when they found the article in their interest, you get a more target audience to your site.

It is not possible to rank your website for every keyword you write on. Social media helps us to get traffic on all those articles. With Social Media platforms only, you can generate more than half of the website traffic, which you can get with SEO.

You can also create a Podcast of your content. Podcasting is again a great way to get social with your content and ideas. Right now, Podcast is also a prevalent content marketing strategy these days.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Quora are platforms where you can promote your website or blogs. If you have good engagement on social media, the chances are that your followers will increase quickly, and so will the traffic on your website.

Tip: Infographics is the best content to share on social media. An infographic doesn’t only give good value, but also saves a lot of time for the user. It also has more possibility to get clicks from the viewers.

Internal linking is underestimated by most of us. We must always link all the content available on our website internally. This way, the visitor is less likely to bounce from your website.

For example, Imagine a visitor is reading your content. Suddenly they found an external link to know more about a topic. They jumped to another website and may never come back. That kind of mistake can take your audience away and harm your website’s performance on search engines.

You must link to your own site pages so that the visitor can consume most of your content, and become your daily follower. This way, you can improve your site’s performance, improve visitor experience, and retain your visitors.

These followers will further share your content easily with others and increase organic site traffic to a massive extent.

Note: External links are also essential, but use them for unrelated topics. Only then it is a wise move.

Optimize your Metadata

Metadata types like meta titles, meta descriptions, and URLs are often ignored. Many people don’t optimize their metadata and lose out on a chance to quickly improve their search engine ranking. Don’t make this mistake. They are vital for the SEO of your website too.

Metadata provides a gateway to essential keywords on search engines and also on social media. When a user searches for a keyword, meta descriptions are the main factors that grab your visitor’s attention. It encourages them to click on your site. These meta descriptions are also important when you share your articles on any social media.

Optimizing metadata is easy. You can use the Rank Math plugin to help you optimize it.

Metadata Optimization by Rank Math
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Create a video around your article topic

Video-sharing websites like YouTube are trendy. They have given rise to the new generation of video-sharing audience, which has a keen interest in watching videos and sharing it.

Hence, videos are the most consuming way of content these days. We have recently seen a massive engagement on Tiktok, a micro-video content platform. Similarly, most other social media platforms are promoting video content more. Videos are not just giving a better understanding, but a better experience.

Creating a relevant video for your content or blog is a great way to engage your audience. It is likely to attract this millennial audience who might not be interested in reading a long blog post.

Simply create a video and upload it to any platform, Like Youtube, Twitch, or IGTV. A video provides graphics, music, and voice-over that can instantly attract attention. This way, you can tap all kinds of audiences with video experience.

Always ask your visitors to Share

You have now posted an informative article on your website and shared it on social media and other channels. Is your job done?

No. It is only half done.

Sharing is what makes the Internet work. Once you have given good knowledge to your audience, it is time you can ask them to share your post too.

It would help if you made an effort to make your audience share those posts ahead. When this process keeps on iterating, it will make your blog or article viral and garner many views.

In this process, you are not only giving out information and knowledge; you are also encouraging your audience to spread it.

In addition, it is not just beneficial for you, but for them also. Everyone loves an informative article or video. And that’s why they are also helping others by sharing knowledge, and they are also increasing their followers.

Watch your Traffic Increasing
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These were seven core strategies that answer your question – How to increase organic traffic on my website? Let me also address a few other frequently asked questions on the topic of organic traffic. This will make all your doubts very clear.

Some FAQs on Organic Traffic

Q1. Why is organic traffic important?

Ans. Organic traffic is substantial because it is considered more targeted traffic. They often because of their own interest in organic search. In another case, they are recommended by someone they trust. This traffic is most likely to get converted and boost your sales.

Q2. How can Regular Blogging increase my Traffic?

Ans. When you do regular blog posting on your website, Google considers it an active, up, and running website. This helps improve your ranking in the search results for the targeted keywords. When your ranking is better, it gets you more and more visitors looking for your products or services.

Q3. Why is Social Posting important for Increasing Organic Traffic?

Ans. Social Media portals like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora have millions of users. They have users from all over the world.

The demographics of these users range from children of 14-15 years to elders of 70+ years. This increases your reach drastically. You understand a lot about customer demographics, preferences, and buying patterns from social media as well.

Q4. Which social media platforms can give the best organic traffic?

Ans. Popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Quora, WhatsApp, and Telegram are good options to promote your products, services, and website.

Ans. Internal Links don’t give you direct traffic. But when your visitors find relevant links to your website, they read and consume more of your content. It enhances the customer experience. These users further talk about your content with their friends and followers, which ultimately gives you more traffic to your posts.

Now Get Ready to Grow

These were some of the most effective strategies that I can vouch for. These tactics have worked for me and are sure to work for you too. It would be best if you implemented the above tips regularly for your website to get optimal results.

If you have read the above post carefully, by now, you must have understood how to increase organic traffic to your website. I hope I have given you some meaningful insight into the world of optimization and organic traffic.

It would be so much a compliment to my work if you share this post with your followers and friends to pass on this post about simple tactics to attract the target audience. If you have any queries or suggestions, please comment below as we would love to hear from you.

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