GreenGeeks Review: Environment-Friendly, But any good for business?

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The internet is solely responsible for two percent of carbon emissions in the world. It is snowballing as we speak. And if experts are to be believed, it will touch 14% of the world’s carbon emissions by 2040.

Most of us won’t think about digital carbon emissions while shopping for web hosting service providers. I think it is time we start considering this factor.

GreenGeeks is the world’s top eco-friendly web hosting provider. Based in Los Angeles, California, GreenGeeks has a global workforce that provides industry-standard web hosting experience to the customers seated in 150 countries.

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Speed, and


Overall rating : 4.1 / 5

Read the detailed GreenGeeks Review to know more about the world’s leading Green Energy web hosting provider, and decide for yourself if it’s best for you.

Quick Overview Of GreenGeeks 

Founded in 2008 by Trey Gardner- an avid surfer, hiker, and skier, GreenGeeks aims to provide reliable, affordable, high-quality web hosting to more than 300,000 users worldwide. GreenGeeks eco-friendly web hosting isn’t only ‘carbon neutral,’ the company explains. It is essentially and effectively ‘carbon reducing.’

“For every amperage, we pull from the grid; we invest 3 times that in the form of renewable energy via Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF)”- making GreenGeeks carbon-negative.

GreenGeeks is invested in your success. Unlike other hosting providers looking for a quick buck, GreenGeeks understand the importance of providing a satisfying experience and maintaining the highest standards possible. You have tiered 24/7 support available, enhanced security, unlimited storage, control panel site management, and offers flexible plans and pricing options.

As an esteemed user, you also receive a Softaculous one-click installer, unlimited subdomains, free SSL, CDN integration, and a choice of five data centers (two in the US, two in Canada, and one in Amsterdam).

In a nutshell, scroll further GreenGeeks Hosting Review to dig deep into this environment-conscious hosting provider.

GreenGeeks 300% Renewable Web Hosting
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Let’s have a look at some of the features of GreenGeeks.

 Features of GreenGeeks

Before you lock a hosting provider, know well if the web hosting services will fit your bill and match your criteria. Additionally, do good research and check whether the web-hosting provider would cater to your type of business. In the absence of these steps, finding the right hosting company would become a struggle.

After trying their hosting plans, here’s what we liked about its features. Read through the following GreenGeeks Hosting Review, and it will assist you in making an informed decision.

Uptime Guarantee -

GreenGeeks web hosting gives you a reliable 99.9% uptime. Note that the guarantee doesn’t include service interrupted from any client errors or any cyber-attack. However, if their server is responsible for your downtime, the uptime guarantee will compensate for the problems caused by downtime.

Fast Speed -

Honestly, a fast website is a deal-maker. It can make a visitor stay on your page or go for your competitor. Speed impacts profoundly on how fast the website loads. Fortunately, in GreenGeeks, the speed is no issue, no matter where the users are based. 

They use the latest speed-primed technology like SSD RAID-10 Storage Arrays. No matter where you choose to host, GreenGeeks web hosting is impressive on the server speed front.

SSD Storage -

GreenGeeks offer SSD (Solid-State Drives) storage. Their Solid State RAID-10 Storage Arrays improves loads your page fast and improve the website’s performance.

Offer Optimisations -

GreenGeeks offers software optimizations to help your website load at lightning speed. The in-house cache called Powercacher technology combined with LiteSpeed Cache website acceleration (LSCache) augments page speed acceleration. By enabling HTTP3 / QUIC network protocol, GreenGeeks speed up in-browser load time.

300% Green -

It takes a lot of people by surprise when they know that the internet is not quite pollution-free. Many hosts try to reduce their carbon emissions. But GreenGeeks has put certified green practices as its priority in the business.

They enjoy the status of official Green Power Partner with the US Environmental Protection Agency. Their tireless efforts have given them plenty of environmental awards.

Superb Customer Support –

GreenGeeks web hosting doesn’t stay behind in experience, including customer service. You can reach their prompt and friendly professional team based in North America speaking English and available 24/7/365 via live chat email and tickets.

Easy Interface –

GreenGeeks custom interface is built on cPanel that is much appreciated by both beginners and experts. It allows you to manage your site and server easily without hassle and complication. As a user, you will have access to Softaculous- a single-click website script installation wizard for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

GreenGeeks Features
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GreenGeeks also has a few more extra helpful features. It is worth mentioning in my GreenGeeks Hosting Review to help you give the panoramic view.

  1. Free Domain - Sign-up to get a free domain. No need to separately register for a domain name.
  2. Free Wildcard SSL Certificate – The wildcard SSL certificates allow you to access subdomains securely. You can set up this feature on your primary domain, and all the parts get SSL protected.
  3. No Hidden Fees – Many hosting companies dupe people as they don’t disclose all fees at the outset. With GreenGeeks, you do not have to worry. Neither do they aggressive upselling of any hosting add-ons, nor they hide any fees for a later surprise.
  4. Data Privacy – In a world where data privacy gets compromised easily, GreenGeeks believes in their website and customers' comprehensive data privacy. Your data is secured with SSL encryption technology. Their data centers have 24/7 security, fire suppression, and water detection systems.
  5. Website builder – You get a free drag and drop website builder to launch your website on your GreenGeeks account. You can also use a website builder platform like WordPress to launch your website.
  6. Daily backups – In addition to SSH (Secure Shell) access, GreenGeeks provides free nightly backups. You will have peace of mind knowing even if something goes wrong; your data is backed up regularly.
  7. Free malware clean-ups – Things can go wrong, either self-inflicted or external threats. In case your website gets hacked, GreenGeeks won’t pass the buck, telling customers to fix it themselves or find a developer to solve their malware issue. Instead, GreenGeeks tech-experts will help you in cleaning your website/s and removing the infection.
  8. Plateful of Features   Social responsibility is good, but you need resources and features to do business with a green company. GreenGeek’s hosting plan and pricing options offer much value to your investment. Some freebies like free website migration and a free domain for the first year is an incredible platform like WordPress to launch your website.
GreenGeeks Security Features
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Is GreenGeeks Right For Your Website?

GreenGeeks web hosting is a bang for the buck. The vision is to offer a blazing fast web experience to its customers. They abide by their commitment to the environment as well. In case you are not satisfied with the service, you get a full refund within 30 days of your hosting subscription.

GreenGeeks is tailored for small business owners, bloggers, or web developers scouting excellent hosting services. The eco-friendly company ensures that it stays relevant to its features, products, performance, and security.

GreenGeeks are recognized as an EPA Green Power Partner, and it is actively working to spread awareness among its customers and visitors. This initiative sets GreenGeeks apart in the bulging competition.

GreenGeeks offers three shared hosting plans. The basic Lite Starter plan is $2.95/mo., the Pro plan costs $5.95/mo. The Premium plan is $11.95/mo. Remember these are promotional price points ranging from $9.95, $14.95, and $24.95/mo.

The shared plans are a great way to start your journey. GreenGeeks recommends a Pro plan ideal for growing websites that need more speed and resources.

GreenGeeks Shared Hosting - All You Need
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GreenGeeks Plans

So which plan is best for me?

We got you covered here. GreenGeeks comes with different types of hosting plans and pricing options. This guide GreenGeeks Hosting review will take up GreenGeek’s hosting plans and prices in detail.

Shared Hosting - For the beginners, shared hosting means website shares the resources with other websites on a server. The cost is split up resulting in low-price web hosting. 

GreenGeeks have three Shared web hosting plans. All of them offer unlimited bandwidth, storage and email accounts. Let’s see them in detail:

GreenGeeks Plans
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a) Lite: It is the entry shared hosting plan at GreenGeeks. Starting just at $2.95/mo. for three-year commitment, it is an excellent value for money.  The plan moves to $4.95 annually, or $9.95 billed monthly.

The Lite plan offers standard performance quite a decent set of features. First, you get one website, complete web service, unmetered data transfer, free SSL certificate and CDN, WordPress installer, unlimited email accounts, etc.

b) Pro: Upgrading to GreenGeeks $5.95/mo., Pro plan boosts extra performance and support for hosting unlimited websites. You won’t mind paying a few dollars extra if you get PowerCacher and can send more emails.  

c) Premium: As the name suggests, the Premium plan has everything included to plan some serious business. Fork out $11.95/mo. to get PCI compliance and receive 4X performance. It is expensive than all shared plans and VPS plans, but it arrests attention.

VPS Hosting -  To start with, it is quite a good plan with a fully managed 2GB RAM, 4-core, 50GB storage, and 10TB bandwidth. It comes at  $39.95/mo. It is a standard fee and doesn’t get doubled later.

Dedicate Hosting -  Although quite an excellent plan, it may look pricey for some as you have to shell out $169/mo. You cannot order online. You have to contact the GreenGeeks sales team for this plan. But this is not a drawback if green hosting is your priority.

GreenGeek’s Reseller hosting - Reseller hosting plan with cPanel/WHM is a safe bet for those interested in becoming a hosting provider. There are three types- RH-25 at $19.95/mo., RH-50 at $24.95/mo., and RH-80 at $34.96/mo.

GreenGeeks Pros And Cons


  • 300% Green energy commitment.
  • No crowding of customers on a server to increase profits.
  • Top-notch security measures.
  • 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee.
  • Automated backups to protect your content.
  • Unlimited disk space and data transfers.
  • Fast servers.


  • No 24/7 Phone support.
  • Setup and domain fees aren’t refundable.
  • The WordPress plan lacks optimization.
  • Setup fee for monthly billing.
  • No Asian data centers.

GreenGeeks Alternatives

Here are a few best alternatives to GreenGreeks- SiteGround , A2 Hosting, Bluehost, InMotion, and Hostinger.

GreenGeeks Vs SiteGround

Try Siteground Hosting
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GreenGeeks has made its name with environmentally friendly hosting packages and features. SiteGround tops in versatility, and their robust shared and WordPress packages are more powerful.

GreenGeeks Vs Bluehost

Bluehost Logo
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GreenGeeks and Bluehost are quite similar in hosting solutions. GreenGeeks has an edge as one of the eco-friendly providers, while BlueHost is an industry veteran renowned for WordPress optimizations on the planet.

Checkout my Bluehost Hosting review.

GreenGeeks Vs A2 Hosting

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GreenGeeks and A2 Hosting both include powered solid-state drives and unlimited storage facilities. GreenGeeks chooses to concentrate on single shared hosting, while A2 offers multiple packages. Both are great at shared hosting plans.

Read my unbiased review of A2 hosting.

GreenGeeks Vs InMotion Hosting

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GreenGeeks and InMotion hosting offer top-rated hosting features and plans. GreenGeeks is suitable for bloggers or entrepreneurs looking for hosting solutions for multiple websites.

For business sites and WordPress users preferring website builders and quick website creation, InMotion hosting is recommended.

GreenGeeks Vs Hostinger

Hostinger Logo
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Both are easy for beginners to use and comes with user-friendly features and unique plans. Hostinger is cheaper than GreenGeeks.

When it comes to 99.9% Uptime GreenGeeks has been rated 100% above Hostinger.


The GreenGeeks strives to create a green impact through energy-efficient web hosting. No one gave much thought about it in the industry. That’s why GreenGeeks’ vision is admirable. Not only you feel good at sign-up, but you also realize that the company is a choice for customers across all sizes. 

To conclude the GreenGeeks review, I highly recommend GreenGeeks at the shared hosting tier. It includes separate plans for managed WordPress and website builder configurations.

As per my experience, their support was good, and the team could solve my queries. Not many complaints on their dece The GreenGeeks strives to create a green impact through energy-efficient web hosting. No one gave much thought about it in the industry.

That’s why GreenGeek’s vision is admirable. You feel good at sign-up and realize that the company is a choice for customers across all sizes. 

To conclude the GreenGeeks review, I highly recommend GreenGeeks at the shared hosting tier. It includes separate plans for managed WordPress and website builder configurations. As per my experience, their support was good, and the team could solve my queries. I didn’t have complaints about their decent uptime.

Above all, their speed and performance impressed me. But you may want to optimize your site for speed properly. 

GreenGeeks web hosting may lack a breadth of the product range. But if you are bent on small-medium businesses that need sharing, WordPress, or reseller hosting, GreenGeeks is a winner.

 FAQS: Frequently Asked Questions on GreenGeeks

Why should I choose GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks is designed to perform as an eco-warrior. They provide multiple hosting plans to suit your purpose and budget. GreenGeeks features include unlimited RAID-10 storage, SSD performance, free migrations, and nightly backups to give speed and reliable performance.

How many hosting plans available in GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks provide Shared VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller plans. WordPress hosting is an alternative to Shared hosting plans.

Which plan do I choose?

If you are new to website creation, a shared hosting plan is recommended. You can always upgrade your plans if your website consumes more resources.

Is there a monthly payment option in GreenGeeks?

Yes. GreenGeeks provide monthly payment options for their shared hosting plans. The flip side is you have to pay an additional $15 set-up fee if you choose a monthly billing cycle. The set-up fee is waived in annual and higher plans.

Do I need to register my domain name with GreenGeeks?

It is not mandatory to register a domain name with GreenGeeks. They waive off the domain registration fee upon subscription to a web hosting plan.

How satisfactory is GreenGeeks’ customer support?

GreenGeek support is available on Live chat, email ticket, and phone. The average resolution time for an issue is 15020 minutes for tickets. Phone support is unavailable from midnight to 9 AM EST.

P.S: Do you use GreenGeeks? How was your experience? Please leave a comment about what you liked most or what didn’t go well with your requirements. We welcome all thoughts to help our users and visitors. Please submit your review in the comment box and fill in the details.

We look forward to hearing from our readers. Thank you all for your support.

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